Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Dress: S.Y.L.K | Heels: Steve Madden

I'm so excited to show you my birthday dress! I got it at my new favorite store S.Y.L.K. They have the cutest stuff there. It was so perfect for my birthday brunch at the top of the Wilshire hotel. On our way home from brunch we passed by the Los Angeles Museum of Art which I have always wanted to go to so we HAD to stop. We literally parked in the red and ran in for 3 seconds to take a few photos. So pardon the blur. So now my birthday is officially's to 27!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preacher Man

Shirt and leather shorts: Forever21 // Tights: Urban Outfitters // Boots: Dollhouse // Bag: Tory Burch

Since it is finally getting a little cooler in LA I can bring out the tights! I actually really love wearing tights and how they can change an outfit. I was so happy when I found this button up at Forever 21 too. It looks like it’s from Nasty Gal or something doesn’t it?

Almost through the week… any fun plans this weekend?!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Peplum Top: Zara // Leopard Shorts: Forever 21 // Wallet: Tory Burch // Wedges: Ecote // Knuckle Rings: Gal Vardi

I had the most amazing birthday this past weekend. I was surrounded with my friends and my sisters and felt so much love. I’m always the type to feel bad about making people go out of their way for me on my birthday and want everyone to have to work as little as possible to celebrate with me. My friends really went above and beyond though and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So thank you to everyone who was there making me feel so special all weekend long… I truly appreciate it!

I have tried on many different peplum tops, dresses and skirts and just never thought they looked good on my body type until I found this one at Zara and I am absolutely in love. I think I like it so much because it is not completely fitted and is super flattering. I’ve already worn it a few different times, once with my burgundy skinnies. I guess there is a peplum for everyone… 

And these rings are seriously my favorite thing and they were such a good deal on Gal's Etsy store! You have to check her stuff out! Seriously, if there is ever any sort of jewelry you see that is a bit pricey, look for something similar on Etsy first. You can find anything on there!