Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot and Cold

Sweater: Victoria's Secret | Shorts and Sunnies: F21 | Wedges: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Brandy Melville

Wow I was dying in this sweater yesterday...wayyy too hot. But it's always so freezing in my office! Oh the challenges of life. I originally ordered this sweater from Vicky's Secret online for my sister for Christmas but she wasn't a big fan so I re-gifted it to myself without her permission... she never even noticed and she was the one taking these pics. Wow. 

Anyway, I cannot believe Sean got kicked off the Bachelorette this week. I think I'm in love with him and will definitely be trying out for his season of the Bachelor if there ever is one. No, I'm not kidding. Watch out girls. 


  1. love the casual sweater look!

  2. Cute! Love your purse and shorts!


  3. I know that feeling! haha! My classrooms are usually airconditioned and once you go out it's as if you are being baked. I just bring a cardigan or a blazer with me so I won't have to use it outside. :)

    XO, Mish
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  4. Lovely top and the overall look!

  5. Very cute, ur a very pretty girl :-). Luv the bag!!
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