Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beach Girl

While I was in New York I was stopped on the street by the adorable girls of The Style Saviour. They were visiting the city like I was so we were so happy to have randomly met. They have an amazing sense of fashion and trend spotting and were keeping their eye out for street style they liked and happened to spot me! I was so flattered! Check out their feature of me here at!

I spent my Labor Day laying on the sand in Santa Barbara. It was gorgeous there and so relaxing. My perfect idea of a day off from work.
Playing in the sand :)
Sandals gifted from Gorjana & Griffin
Flowy Yellow top: Kaitlyn Clothing

It was such a wonderful long weekend. Kevin and I spontaneously went to Santa Barbara for a couple days to get away and relax. We even went wine tasting and got massages! I can't wait to show you the pictures. The wineries were so beautiful.

Hope you got to enjoy your long weekend doing something you love with the people you love as well! Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend was 3 day?!


  1. awesome photos - loves like a gorgeous beach day! xo