Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fire and Print

Tank: Emma and Sam | Bra: Brandy Melville | Shorts: Millau at LF | Shades: Sella McCartney | Tennies: Converse

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend! My love and I went on a spontaneous trip up to Santa Barbara for the night where I stumbled upon the LF end of season sale. After making Kevin wait for over an hour trying on every dress in the store I found these summery shorts for only $24! 

We went on a bar crawl in Santa Monica yesterday where we had to pedal a "barcycle" (yes, it's what you are thinking...a big mobile bar that you have to pedal through the street) so tennis shoes were in order. It was the perfect chance to give my luau shorts their debut too. I love the tropical print even though pretty much every boy there made fun of me...but what do boys know...