Monday, September 24, 2012

Costa Chic

A girls night out is absolutely necessary sometimes. But the $17 dollar drinks and the two tomatoes on a single leaf of lettuce that the restaurant calls a "salad" are definitely unnecessary. But at least we were all together??

Bustier: H&M (old) | Skirt: Brandy Melville | Heels: Steve Madden | Watch: MK | Gold Chain Bracelet: Vintage | Lipstick: Costa Chic by MAC

I love wearing something unexpected when dressing up for a night out. The standard fitted dress or banded skirt don't usually do it for me. I would even like this better if the skirt was fluffier and more tutu-ish. I was brave and wore a bold lip which I normally don't do either but when your roommate's bathroom is filled with every shade Mac ever made, the little "wear me" song they sing gets stuck in your head and you have to put one on so you don't make them sad. 


  1. You look amazing!

    XoXo Nathalie

  2. You look so sexy! And yeah, sometime you have to pay a lot money just to hang out with your girls in some cosy bar

  3. cute dress lady! i love the outfit in the post below as well!

    lindsey louise

  4. what a pretty and classic look! xo